Let the Profinance difference make all the difference for you

We built our business by building businesses just like yours

At Profinance, we pride ourselves on applying our years of knowledge and financial practice to the challenge of helping New Zealand business owners get established, consolidate and/or grow.

Essentially, we are brokers of mortgages, loans and finance for trades and small business.

However, understanding the individual needs, expectations and aspirations of our clients is our priority and its vital to the provision of our trademark personalised service.

Growth and sustainability are usually the next goal to consider once you’re up and running. I’ve always said financing your goals is a big step and you need someone that will go the distance – for you. Well, that’s us and you are the reason we’re here.
— Quentin Glover, Profinance NZ Owner


All the benefits of a personalised CFO for your small business

Over our two decades in the industry, we’ve seen small business owners battle jargon, big banks and red tape in their bid to succeed on their own terms.

Our business was founded in 2016 by Quentin Glover, a banker for 18 years for rural, commercial and corporate clients. His vision was to deliver all the service, expertise and peace of mind of a significant financial services organisation, direct to small to medium sized businesses across New Zealand. 

"Frustration is the killer of big dreams for a bigger future in your business and trying to decipher jargon and processes just gets in the way of getting things done.  Don’t worry, we’re built for this – you go ahead and build your business."

As a passionate and active supporter of those with bigger dreams for their business, we give each and every client the attention, service and support they need to succeed. Whether it’s shouting the coffee in the first meeting, putting in the extra time to ensure all options are explored or simply picking up the phone when they need us, nothing’s too much trouble.

We know how important high quality financial services are for small businesses and we want you to succeed, after all, our reputation for success is built on yours. So, what are we about? We’re all about trust, personalised service and putting you in the best possible position to achieve your goals.

“Let’s start with your goals.”

What’s important to you and why? By taking the time and effort to understand the little things we are be able to help you complete the big picture.  We genuinely want you to grow and enjoy success because our reputation and results are built on yours.


Profinance NZ cuts through the confusion, brokering asset finance deals to suit your business.

Funds acquisition can become as complicated as you let it, so why not keep it simple by leaning on our strategic, practical and technical know-how.

We are there for you whether you’re looking to finance your:

  • business set-up, expansion or capital to ensure your life’s work, works for you,
  • investment opportunities to help secure your future, or
  • residential purchase or improvements on terms you can live with

You can achieve it because we’re there to help make sure you do.

With Profinance NZ working for you on securing funds for your business, projects and lifestyle, you have an experienced and dedicated team doing the legwork and crafting options that will work for you.

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